Letter from Home, 2000. Stitching and mending on soiled collaged hand made abaca paper, 115 x 150 in.  This site is dedicated to the Oratory of The Paraclete,   a Benedict monastery founded by Peter Abelard in 12th century France. Nothing remains of it.  In 1125 Peter Abelard turned the Paraclete over to Heloise, his wife. She became the Paraclete's abbess and spent the rest of her life there.  Little is known of Heloise’s parentage. She is thought to have been born in 1100 and 17 when she met Abelard. Their story is told in the letters they exchanged.  The oratory of The Paraclete, which means “the comforter” from the Greek, was a deserted and neglected place that Heloise brought to splendor. She has come in our days to be admired by philosophers as the woman who was able to escape from the prison of objectivity.