Naves Matadero presents

Elena del Rivero


Opening November 13, 2019 to January 5, 2020


Every season the Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas present projects and public programs orgnised around a particular theme. The theme for 2019/2020 revolves around the consequence of war and the resulting migration of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Elena del Rivero’s accumulated post-9/11 archive has been selected as the core project around which other artists have been invited to respond. 

Elena del Rivero accumulated one hundred hours of raw footage shot from the windows of her destroyed apartment on Cedar Street, overlooking Ground Zero. She also gathered over 3,000 fragments of documents and personal items that fell from the towers and landed on apartment floors, strewn among thick piles of dust. Del Rivero transformed these remnants into a 20-meter-long installation titled CHANT (2006), which is the center piece of the exhibition. This project, an archive in itself, is an exercise in memory and brings many questions to the table. This season Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas has invited artists and performers to engage with this work through conversations and events.

A variety of multi-disciplinary performances are taking place during the exhibition. Monica Valenciano will present a piece on the notion of chaos and the void. Butoh dancer, Kumataro Mukai, will perform the essence of suffering. Sadik Alfraji will address the social and political compromises made. And Karl Van Welden will perform Mars II, a piano concerto with ash.

A catalogue will be published with images and essays by writers and scholars. Warwick Anderson, Professor of the History of Medicine, will be contributing a text on the threat and sanctity of dust, and Maria Josep Balsach, a Catalan poet, who will contribute a poem, among others.

Students from The Political Science Department at the University of Madrid have been invited to write a critical essay on the New Global Order post 9/11.

 -Mateo Feijoo, curator and artistic director, Naves Matadero, Madrid